9 Mile Bridge

We’re starting out with a good one.

9 Mile Bridge, Auxvasse, Mo

A bridge that was once used to hang black women and children off it. There is a legend that says that if you shut your car off, you can’t start it up again until after you push it nine miles. That legend has never worked out and is probably an urban legend. But on starless, cloudy nights, you can see peculiar lights like sets of eyes that blink every now and then, under the bridge, in the trees along the creek, and in the cemetery up on the hill by the creek. Also, if you go out on a dark night, when there has been no running water…in forever, stop your car on the bridge, and roll down your windows, you can hear what sounds like water running in the creek, but also strangely, foot steps in the weeds and leaves. Some are even in the water, where they used to drown the babies. You can also hear strange noises in the middle of the night by the bridge. When you sit in the ledge of the bridge, take your shoes off, and dangle your feet above the creek, you can feel a weird tickling feeling on your feet. Myth says it’s the slave children drown there tickling your feet. If you stay and hang out for a while, when you come back to your car, there are what appears to be foot and hand prints on your hood and windshield. – There’s also the ghost of a woman seen walking on the bridge at night.


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