Blackwell Bridge

Blackwell Bridge, Blackwell, Mo

This is probably the spookiest place in all of Blackwell. Although torn down and a new one in place, it is still regarded as haunted. Drumbeats can be heard around the bridge and bonfires could be seen from under the bridge. Some say from an old Indian curse, while others say its druggies making meth. Phantom headlights have been seen zooming across the bridge. It is rumored to be the ghost of a teenaged boy who committed suicide in the 1980’s by driving off the bridge. Other stories say that a group of boys were playing chicken on the bridge and swerved off the side of the bridge to their deaths. The car he drove was said to have been still down there when they built the new bridge. Some say the car looks like a 1980’s Trans-Am and that it chases you off the bridge. It is even rumored to have been seen on the bridge when it was blocked off. There are also reports of an old 1940’s sedan that speeds across the bridge as well.


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