Haunted Railroad Tracks

Located in Dumas, Mo

In northeast Missouri there are train tracks that are haunted by a headless woman that died in a train wreck many years ago. At least every night she appears around 11:00pm every night in the tunnel below the tracks. The train wreck that spurned the headless woman story occurred in late summer, or early fall of 1892, with sketchy fatality lists stating approx. 13-27 deaths, many being thrown into the river. Therefore, the wreck occurred near the river overpass nearly 1/2 mile from the tunnel underpass. They believe the woman’s head was lost to the river and now she eternally seeks it. She walks in the fall, mostly. When she passes through you, you will feel like a thousand icicles stabbing through you. Also, there is a cemetery south of Dumas, mostly Catholic burials, with one being a 104 year old woman from Ireland. A visitor was "attacked" by the presence of something malicious there one night and it took a Christian psychic to remove the spirit as it was feeding off their energy. Whatever dwells outside this cemetery is neither human nor animal but something from a dark place. The tunnel underpass itself is benign, only haunted by ignorant teenagers who deface it with their graffiti. There is a small dwelling adjacent to the tunnel where a huge, mean dog lived, now dead. His ghost still roams there. It has orange, glowing eyes. There are also several dead babies buried around the area. A woman kept having miscarriages and her husband buried the corpses all around the area. In the 1950’s, a man committed suicide in the forest near the river by drinking poison and his body or skeleton, rather, was found sitting under a tree.



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