Zombie Road

Located in Ellisville, Mo

Also known as Lawford Road. An eerie, spooky road that winds its way through the hills of Ellisville and the shore of the Meremac River. Many people who go there don’t get much footage, they mainly hear sounds of unknown origin. It is also known to be extremely foggy and super dark. Passerby’s have felt weird chills, feelings of severe depression, and, as they venture onto the roadway, the feeling of being watched. They hear footsteps and voices as if they’re being followed. There are a couple of legends that exist on Zombie Road. Years ago, when the trains were operational through there, a man was walking along the tracks when he was hit by a train. From time to time, people see the man walking by the tracks and being hit. He is also rumored to stalk women out at the road. Another one goes that some teenagers were rock climbing on the cliffs near the road. One of the kids fell to the ground and broke his neck. The others apparently left him there to rot. Police have supposedly confirmed the story about the teenager falling and dying. He haunts the area where he died and chases away trespassers. Another spooky thing about the road is that it never looks the same shape or the same length twice, even on the return trip. People have said that they felt the road would never end and that they would go on forever into deep darkness.


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