Dark Hollow Road

It is known as County Road 409. It runs for five miles to Ham’s Prairie. This road is a legend in the area. There are reports of strange lights, sounds, apparitions, etc. This road sends out a major "you’re not welcome vibe. If you drive out to the road at night and turn out your car lights, then turn them back on you will be surprised by a car driving head on with you. You can try to avoid a collision, but it will not do any good. The car will pass through your vehicle leaving you and your passengers covered in blood. The back story to this is that some teenagers were playing blind chicken on the road one night, many years ago and were killed because of it. Now their ghosts return to reenact the tragic deaths. (This sounds like an urban legend.) The ghost of a young man that is believed to haunt the hollow road. The legend states that the boy died sometime in the 50’s. He and some friends were playing chicken on the road. One person would stand in the middle of the road while a car drove at them, whoever stood in the way of the car the longest before moving would be the winner. Unfortunately this particular boy didn’t get out of the way in time, and was killed. In some versions of the story he was severely hurt, but his friends left him to die out of fear of getting in trouble. It is said that on occasions people have seen the ghost of the boy while driving on the road. Supposedly he stands in the middle staring at the oncoming vehicle, when the car stops to avoid hitting him it dies and won’t start. Another story goes if your walking on the road alone you might begin to hear a baby crying. You won’t be sure at first but as you stop to listen the sound will become clearer. As you look around to see where the sound is coming from you will see the apparition of a woman holding a crying baby come gliding toward you from the woods. The apparition will come closer to you holding the baby out as if she wants you to take it from her. Just as she is close enough for you to reach out to take the bundle, she vanishes.


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