Old Jackson County Jail

Located in Independence Mo
This building is believed to house more then one entity. A ghostly man is seen in one of the center cells dressed in a blue uniform. There are two theories of who haunts the jail.  One is of Marshall Jim Knowles, who lived in the adjoining Marshal’s house. During the Civil War, Knowles lost his life trying to settle a fight between two prisoners with opposing sentiments regarding the war. Others believe it  to be the spirit of a deputy marshal named Henry Buggler, who was killed in 1866 during an attempted jail break. Then again, its possible both haunt it. The museum  also believes that the building is haunted by the many women and children who were housed there during the Civil War.  Describing female and child like apparitions and the sounds of children, the staff and guests have also experienced an assortment of odd occurrences from radios seemingly turning on and off by themselves, to items being mysteriously moved around. Phenomenon includes feelings of nausea, sounds of growing, sounds odd footsteps, eerie feelings, and cold spots.


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