Creve Coeur Park

In the early 1700’s a beautiful daughter of an Indian chief married a strong warrior. They were madly in love, but the warrior, like many of the Indian men did, had to go off on hunting parties. These hunting parties would go on for weeks at a time. When the hunting party returned, her husband was not with them, for he had died along the way home. She went to the top of the cliff that is now the entrance to the park and jumped off into the water below. When the French arrived, they named the area Creve Coeur, which means “broken heart” they had heard the sad story of the young Indian and noticed that the water falling from the cliff fell in little drops, like tears. At night and on a quiet day, you can hear the sound of the young woman crying and the crying of the loved ones she left behind. On full moons, when you’re standing at the bottom of the cliff or on the lake looking from a boat, you can see a woman at the top of the cliff looking down crying. She never seems to realize anyone is around her. She often jumps off, frightening the onlookers who think they see a mortal committing suicide. Recently, while three men were hiking at night, they claimed to see a woman walking in front of them crying. When one of the men, who was of Indian descent, approached her she quickly hugged him and began speaking to him in her native tongue. Since he could not understand her, he just shook his head. She ran off crying when he didn’t talk back to her. The three men, now intrigued, followed her to the cliff and watched her jump off. The three men were terrified, not because she jumped, but because she disappeared in mid-air.

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