George Keith House

Located in St. Louis, Mo
This white Victorian-Gothic farmhouse was built by riverboat Captain George Keith in the 1860’s. It’s been an antique store, a flowershop, apartments, a craft store, and from 1986 to 2013, The Book House.  A little eight-year-old girl named “Valerie,” haunts the place. She is seen at times walking with a limp. There’s a few rumors to how she died. One is that she fell into the aquaduct well and drowned. There was a story back in the 1950’s that circulated the neighborhood, that a ghostly girl roamed the rooftops. There is an a newspaper article about her and her favorite room is the poetry room. She moves objects and has gone so far as to help customers find books. It is also rumored that a man with evil eyes has also been seen on the stairs.
Note: This location closed in September of 2013.


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