Washington Riverfront Drain Tunnel

Located in Washington, Mo
When going to the river front in Washington turn left after you cross the railroad tracks. Follow this road for 500 yards and to your left you will see this tunnel. The tunnel has a date on it of 1918, but the tunnel was built in 1859 as a part of the underground railroad. The tunnel was also used for Confederate soldiers to hide at night. When you enter the tunnel you will see new concrete and water, but if you walk twenty yards in the tunnel it will open up and turn into a brick archway. The urban myths are that confederate soldiers will be in the tunnel waiting at night and during the day the ghosts of slaves haunt the tunnel fighting for their freedom.
Note: That tunnel was used for the Tibbe power company to generate electricity accessing River water to run their steam generators. The Tibbe building is at 426 West Front Street Washington MO. Anton Tibbe brought electricity to Washington in 1893. This building, his third plant, was designed by famed St. Louis architect Theodore Link. Link’s most famous work is St. Louis’ Union station.

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