The Old House Restaurant

Located in Kimmswick, Mo
It began as a log cabin, built in 1770’s. Over the years it has served as a trading post, a tavern, and a stagecoach stop. General Ulysses S. Grant was known to be a frequent visitor when he was stationed at Jefferson Barracks. There are three ghosts that reside here. Amos is an explorer type soul. He had a grey beard and a brown animal skin jacket. He supposedly likes to get handsy with females and has been known to set off the alarm. A psychic said Amos gets lonely for his wife and that’s why he sets off the alarm because a female employee would come with the police. A little boy haunts the area where there had been stairs. A psychic said the boy was pushed down the stairs to his death. A little girl also haunts the stairs area. She is looking for her mother. People have claimed to hear her crying out “mom” while crying. She has also been known to sing and dance. It is thought she was left behind by her parents or was lost.


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