Bill’s Tunnel

Located in Valle Mines,  Mo
An old railroad tunnel, which still exists today near an old slave graveyard, is rumored to be haunted by the spirit of a man who’s name was Bill. In the late 1880s the railroad was built and a “boomtown” was created around a 240-foot-long tunnel that was blasted through the rock hillside. When World War I ended, the demand for lead plummeted. Almost overnight the “boomtown” was abandoned.
William Heinrich, also known as Tunnel Bill had a gentlemen’s agreement with the mining company to stay behind and look over the tunnel. In exchange for free rent, Tunnel Bill chased children and would-be explorers away from open mines and dangerous shafts. Legend is that Tunnel Bill still takes his job seriously and chases people out more than a century later.
Several theories exist on how and why he died, but the important part is that he’s very jealous of his tunnel and will treat you with the same respect that you treat him. He has been known to "escort’ people out and away from the tunnel.


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