Edgewood Children’s Center

Located in Webster Groves, Mo
The Rock House – Edgewood Children’s Center is famous from the haunting of it’s administration building named the Rock House, which was the centerpiece for a college when it was built in 1850. On the surface, the Rock House was nothing more than an institute for a higher learning, but the basement was rumored to be a "safe house" for slaves who had escaped via the underground railroad. For many years there was said to be an escape tunnel several blocks long, which offered an exit from the Rock House in case slaves were discovered. The tunnel was supposedly blocked off in the 1890’s when two young children became lost in it and died before they could be rescued. Several years after the Civil War, the college closed down and the Rock House became an orphanage, merging from time to time with other orphanages. In 1943 the name was changed to Edgewood Children’s Center and has become a residential treatment center for disturbed and troubled children. With the addition of new dormitories, classrooms, and buildings, children no longer live in the Rock House. It is still used today as administration offices for the center.




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      1. i go to the haunted dairy queen and there food is good the ghost doesnt bother me (but i go only during day time)


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