The Blue Lady of Moss Beach

Located just outside of San Fransisco, California
Moss Beach residents say the spirit of a young woman stabbed to death in front of the old Moss Beach Distillery restaurant, nearly 70 years ago, still makes her appearance to this day. The restaurant used to be a speakeasy in the 1920’s, and was frequented by a lot of unsavory and flamboyant characters. The beautiful young lady was murdered on the beach by her jealous lover, the piano player at the bar. Waitresses, chefs, and customers have witnessed her phantom standing near the piano or dancing alone in deserted rooms
Highway 1, just south of San Francisco, is the site of the Moss Beach Distillery. Residents of the area say the spirit of a young woman stabbed to death haunts the area nearly 70 years after she died. The restaurant was a frequent happening spot when it opened in 1927 as Frank’s Place. Movie stars and mobsters hung out there as regulars during Prohibition.Elizabeth Claire Donavan worked at the hotel that used to exist next door to the restaurant and sometimes moonlighted as a hostess. That’s where she met the handsome piano player, John Contina. They began a hot and heavy romance even though Elizabeth was married. There are two different versions of what happened next. One says that her abusive husband found her at the restaurant and a fight ensued between Contina and her husband. When it was over, Elizabeth was laying on the floor dead, having been stabbed. The other story goes that Elizabeth’s husband was helping bring alcohol to the bar when he saw Elizabeth and Contina on the beach.  A fight ensued and she was stabbed to death.To this day, waitresses, cooks, and even customers have seen her ghost standing near the piano and dancing alone in deserted rooms. One employee, who resembled her former lover, kept receiving phone calls from her. She’d always tell him, “I want you,” or “I love you.” He eventually quit. Women have been known to have been to have been locked in the bathroom. She is a friendly spirit.There are five other ghosts that also happen to haunt here. One is the ghost of John Contina. He disappeared one night and his body washed up on the beach a few weeks later. He has been seen at the Distillery.Another ghost is Hanna Elder. She operated a bordello there long before Frank’s Place was built. She is said to be chained to the area because her child is buried on the grounds. She is so forlorn and sad that she rarely mixes with the living. Anna Philbrick was another of John Contina’s lovers. When she found out that he was having an affair with another woman, she threw herself off a cliff. She is often seen standing on the highway covered in seaweed. Alma Reed committed suicide in 1927 by walking in the ocean. She is mostly seen by children, who she warns to stay away from the cliffs.Mary Ellen Frederick died in a car wreck on the highway close to the distillery. She and her husband had just left the place and was traveling home. She is said to be searching for her son, Jack. In what is an incredible coincidence, Mary Ellen and Alma are sisters. They have both been seen wearing blue dresses. It is also thought that Elizabeth Donavon never existed and the Blue Lady is probably an extension of all three. If so, where did the name Elizabeth Donovan come from?


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