Mac’s Cafe

Was located in Berger, Mo
Now called Darlene’s Coffee Shop. This is a horrific scene of a step father who was kicked out of his home for being abusive…they lived in one of 2 apartments (street side) above the bar/restaurant. The man returned one night with a shot gun and shot out the apartments windows and through the security door leading to the apartments. When he entered the apartment , his step-son was ready for him and returned fire with his own gun at point blank range, shooting him in the neck and nearly decapitating him. The man “visits&” his old bedroom and roams the building late at night “watching” people. A particular 3 year old begged his mom to tell "THAT MAN" to stop bothering him at night. The patrons of the bar reported weird noises from the apartment upstairs, and odd occurrences in the lower level. Weeks after the incident, a pencil drawn pentagram with his mothers face drawn into it was found on the backside of the step son’s bedroom door. The mother was not harmed. It is said that the dead man appears in full spectral appearance, and has been mistaken for a live person, wearing hiking boots, jeans and a flannel shirt. Live snakes have also appeared in this apartment. The incident occurred around 1986 or 1987. The bar may now be closed, it is a large white building on the corner at the end of town, on the right…the old bank building is on the left.



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