In Case You Missed It

Thank you to all who have viewed the website. An even bigger thanks if you’re following and/or commented on it. Please continue to do that. The site is a work in progress. I have over 1100 haunted locations in Missouri alone. I have a site, a much bigger site laid out but unfortunately I can’t afford that right now. But soon I will. If you’ve noticed I have a few locations that aren’t in Missouri. I’ll continue to do that as I go. Also, soon I’ll be posting about Bertha Gifford. If you don’t know who she is then you’ll soon know. She is alleged to be the first female serial killer in Missouri. Between 1900 and 1927 it is thought she poisoned some 17 to 19 people. Whether on purpose or not (I personally don’t think she intended to.) we’ll never know.
Something else, there is a guestbook associated with the site. The link is on your left in the blogroll. Please visit and comment on this site. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Also, if you feel some of my info is incorrect, please feel free to let me know. It happens sometimes and I want the correct info.  Also, please feel free to use any and all info I have. The sharing of information is a must.
Please visit out social media pages. I admit there’s not a lot to them as of yet. My social media adviser’s computer is down right now but she’s hoping to have it fixed soon.
As I end this, thanks again for visiting. I really do appreciate it.



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