ZuZu’s Petals Restaurant

Located in kirkwood, Mo.
Employees have reported eerie vibes at this former funeral parlor. They have witnessed the bathroom door in the hallway leading to the old carriage house (now a bar) open and slam shut 3 times by itself when the chef was closing. Once, while the assistant manager was standing behind the bar and telling stories about the ghosts of Zuzu’s Petals, a ceiling tile fell right over his head two seconds after he moved from the spot where he was standing. A waiter has seen a coffee pot resting securely on a shelf practically fly off and hit the adjacent wall. Once on a quiet evening in the restaurant when there were no male employees in the building, a man’s voice called a female employee’s name from a private room hidden by curtains (curtains which often move as if in a breeze when there is none). They have also experienced lights turning on and off, and the volume on the radios mysteriously turning up and down without assistance, video cameras revealing a shadow in an empty room.

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