Guibourd-Valle House

Located in historic St. Genevieve, mo, the oldest town west of the Mississippi.
Located in downtown historic St. Genevieve, the Guibourd-valle House is one of the nation’s oldest houses and one of the most haunted as well. Built in 1784 by Jacques Dubreuil Guibourd, this poteaux sur-sol (post on a still) home features not only vertical log construction, but also the use of the classic norman truss. When Spain took control of the region, St. Genevieve became the outpost of the Spanish Empire and the Guibourd Home became the social meeting place for the Spanish officers. The house was used as a residence from it’s creation until 1971, when it was passed to the Foundation for the Restoration of St. Genevieve.The first encounter with ghosts was reported by Jules Valle, (who bought the home from the Guibourd family), in 1939. Mr. Valle was recovering from eye surgery and lying on his bed. He felt a cool pleasant breeze, smelling like honeysuckle blossoms. He then felt a tap on his shoulder and turned to see three little old men apparitions from only the waist up, floating by his head. They smiled at him pleasantly and nodded as if to wish him a quick recovery. His wife, Ann-Marie, was not surprised by his experience. She had felt and seem them before. The maids and herself had also heard footsteps many times in the servant quarters, which were over the kitchen and dining room. Various dogs in the house had cringed in fear or growled at something unseen, especially in the downstairs living room.In 1949, after Mr. Valle had died, Ann-Marie was awakened one night by tremendous banging, sounds of breaking glass, and furniture being thrown around coming from her husband’s room. She went to the hall and yelled into the room, “You are not going to frighten me, or drive me from my home. Now get out!!” The noise immediately stopped. Even into the 1980’s there were reports of strange noises and bangings in the house. Is the house still haunted? More than likely. It’s hard to fathom a house as old as this to not be haunted.


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