Yeater Hall

Located in Warrensburg, Mo.
Located on the campus of Central Missouri University. The oldest resident hall on campus, there is a long history of mysterious happenings. Residents have reported lights coming on in rooms unoccupied and locked, curtains opening on their own. One set of residents reported a commotion at their door one evening and footsteps above their room in a room that was vacant and locked, in fact the entire floor was padlocked and no one was allowed on that floor. Other residents have reported cold spots during the summer in this un-airconditioned hall. A shadow of just a woman’s head was seen by two women during a summer cleanup when the hall was supposed to be empty. Men, in this Women’s only hall, feel like they are being watched and male campus maintenance workers have complained of drawers opening and closing in rooms they are working in, when no one else is present. The third floor is padlocked shut, as is the attic. It has been said that if you knock twice on the attic door someone will knock back. Witnesses claim that this is indeed true. The ghosts are believed to be those of Laura Yeater (the dorm mother when the dorm was new, and whom the dorm was named after), and of a man who served in the military at a time when the dorm was used as housing for the military (there is a base nearby as well).


One thought on “Yeater Hall”

  1. I was an HA in ’76-’77. My room was second floor, directly over the front door. We were filled to capacity in fall ’76, using 3rd floor as well as the ‘gang’ rooms in the basement. Never experienced anything weird. Neither did my boyfriend. The basement rooms were creepy, but they were dark and below ground level and emptied out before the end of term. I was frequently on 3rd floor, could not even tell you where the entrance to the ‘attic’ was…because no one cared. I find these stories fascinating, but cannot provide any substantiation. Had I known at the time, I would have explored more 😉


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