Dairy Queen (Ballwin)

Located in Ballwin, Mo
Somebody was murdered there way back in 1979, back when Clarkson Road was just a two lane road out in “the sticks” a few years after the store was first opened, a female manager named Marge was counting down drawers after hours and after everybody else went home. An intruder reportedly snuck in the unlocked back door, slit her neck and left her in the sink to die. Investigators said that had she been found, during any time of the night, she could have been saved, and that she had stayed alive bleeding in the sinks almost until the morning shift arrived. This has all been verified by Marge’s son and also by a middle aged lady who just started working there again, who had also worked there back around the time of the incident. She said that right after it happened, strange things started happening, she was vague, but said something to the effect of objects being found in different spots than they were left. Nothing has been seen there at night, but if you are the only one in the store at night, you are greeted with a strong unwelcoming feeling, and it’s pretty creepy. One guy who used to work there was opening the store and he swears he kept seeing someone walk past the door to the grill room.


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