Gibson Graveyard

Located in Park Hills, Mo
History – Also known as Gibson Cemetery. This cemetery is on property originally owned by the Gibson family and it is thought that some of the earliest settlers of this area are buried here, although the graves are now unmarked. The cemetery has been in a sadly neglected state for over eighty years and has suffered significant vandalism, mostly because of a rumor of a vampire being buried here, which has made it a target of young people of the area, especially at night and during Halloween. The cemetery covers three acres of land and has over three hundred bodies buried here, but there are only a few markers scattered around.
The Vampire – Back in the late 1800’s, an epidemic came to the area and many children died. A Hungarian immigrant, who was an albino and didn’t like to come out at day cause of his skin being so white, was suspected of killing the kids and drinking their blood. The people ridiculed him so he became cruel and played jokes on the people at night and one time he said it was him killing the children cause one of the parents said he was a vampire and the town got scared and murdered him buried him put cement on his grave put a rout iron fence around it and hung a cross on it.
The Haunting – Some of the hauntings include weird wind changes, trees swaying with no wind and objects disappearing. One story that’s been told happened back in the 1980’s. Some teenagers took a marker (supposedly off of the vampire’s grave) and placed it in the yard of one of the teenagers. The next morning the marker was gone but the grass where the marker was at had turned brown. The teenagers returned to the cemetery and found the marker in it’s previous location. Reports of seeing the Hungarian minor walking around by his grave have been reported.


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