Highway 213 (Higginsville)

Located just outside Higginsville, Mo

Years ago a young women died in a car accident when she ran off the road into a light pole. It is across the street from a sign that tells you what highway you are on. The light while sitting under it will go off and as you move out from under it, It will turn on. The city has repaired the light pool many times changing the whole electrical but cant find a problem. Some say that if you stand or sit in your car under it for period of time it will turn on and you will see her figure on the side of the ride, she will then walk to your car window.


2 thoughts on “Highway 213 (Higginsville)”

  1. Your dates are incorrect, I heard the same story when I lived in Warrensburg back in the late 90s. There is no way it could have happened just 10-12 years ago.


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