Rickey Road

Located in Raytown, Mo
This road has constant twists and turns throughout it. There are no street lights but woods on both sides lining the edge of the road. It has a age-worn brick wall along the side that looks like a old, overgrown cemetery. A valuable source has said they saw a cemetery on either side of the road the first time they had driven on it. Just as they had went around a curve, they said they had seen a woman in it stretching her arms toward the road-or possibly them and standing still. They described her as wearing a wedding dress and a veil. They were going to return at sunrise to look around (they liked to photograph cemeteries). When they had returned to the location, there was no cemetery, but a house under construction, and a wide open field, and on the other side, some trees on a small cliff. They said that the cemetery couldn’t have been their imagination, they weren’t even thinking about anything to do with it, or scared for any reason. Another resident described seeing a head with a terrified expression on its face roll out of the woods and under the front of the car, again not finding anything when he went back to find out if his mind was just playing tricks on him. There is a old run down wood bridge about half way down the road, and a series of chevron signs before it. Somebody has spray-painted with red paint a letter on each of these signs. Oddly enough there was a perfect number of signs for them to spell M-U-R-D-E-R D-I-E and the last sign which is directly beside the beginning of the bridge says “Back & Here” (whatever that means). You have to slow down for the bridge and go about 5 mph over it because the wood is so warped, and numerous people have said when they do this they notice lots of movement on both sides of the bridge and sounds of something walking (on two legs not 4). All reports have been said to have been during the night and one during the day, and for some reason if you bring up Rickey Road all the locals voices change and they all know of it and have their own stories to tell. Though most of them wont utter details only that they have been there and something had happened to them that has made them never want to return. Kids from the area go there for an adrenaline rush and turn their headlights off.

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