Rockcliffe Mansion

Located in historic Hannibal, Mo
Known as the "haunted house on the hill" for over four decades. Built by J.J. Cruikshank Jr., one of the most successful lumber barons in Hannibal from 1898 to 1900. Cruikshank’s protective spirit is thought to haunt the old house. Guests have reported they could hear music coming from downstairs. The smell of cigar smoke was smelled coming from Cruikshank’s parlor, even though smoking was not permitted. Piano music is heard coming from the music room, even though no piano has existed there since the 1920’s. (J.J.’s wife, Annie was a classically trained pianist.) J.J. has been seen wearing a worn brown hat and coat. It is believed Annie haunts the house as well as the spirit of a young girl. (Thought to be J.J. and Annie’s daughter Helen.) The sound of children playing has been heard on the third floor ballroom.

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