Phantom Rider

Located in Sands Springs, Mo
This phantom rider is seen along Robidoux Creek. He is the spirit of a former Confederate Soldier that was killed after a dispute with a pro-Union preacher by the name of Maupins. After the civil War locals reported seeing a ghostly horseman riding about the area and supposedly in the 1930’s a search party made failed attempts to follow the phantom. The legend says that the rider is the ghost of a man named Charles Potter. Supposedly Potter road his horse into church on Sunday in 1865 with the goal of running the preacher out of town. The preacher, Elder Maupins, was said to be the leader of a group of marauders called Maupins Raiders . Before Potter had a chance to confront the preacher Potter was shot dead in the church isle and horse ran out of the church and into the woods. The fatal shot came from outside through a window.

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