Snelson-Brinker Cabin

Located in Steelville, Mo
Back in the 1800’s a slave girl who was only 16 or so was accused of drowning a child in a nearby spring. She was later hung in the town square of Steelville. The child along with it’s sibling is buried in a small cemetery just beside the cabin. The cabin is the oldest home in Crawford County and is a historical landmark. Beside the cabin is the little cellar like structure where the slave Mary slept. There are reports that the cabin has some sort of presence as orbs were photographed there before. Also, in Steelville there is a stone structure that was build close to the old water tower, just off of High Street. I have heard that it is on the slave girl’s final resting place and was built by a group of people to recognize her. It is also pretty creepy.


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