West Cabanne Place

Located in St. Louis, Mo
This road has a morbid history. Several murders have taken place here on this dead end road. This street is haunted by three ghosts all wearing black hooded robes who float down the street and are heard talking; also some of the homes are haunted by people who were murdered here.  Around three or four o’clock in the morning, in August of 1937, some men were trying to murder a woman who lived in a long, narrow red – bricked house.In an attempt to escape, the woman fled from her house, and ran down the sidewalk in high-heeled shoes. It is known that her dead body was found on the outside steps of the house that is two houses to the east of hers. The interesting thing is that a person who has lived on Cabanne Place since the late 1950’s or early 60’s has reported that (in the 60’s) she and her children would sometimes stay up late into the night in August, the same month the woman was murdered, and they would hear the sound of the woman’s high heeled shoes hitting the sidewalk, which I guess is the sound of her fleeing from the people who killed her. The ghost of Captain Brooks, who lived on the street, also haunts here. He was a captain of a riverboat on the Mississippi River. His home was known as the ‘Captain’s House’. He lived in a big yellowish house on the south side of the street between a blue house and a gray house. This man did not particularly appreciate women and believed that women should stay ‘in their place’. After his death, he would come back to haunt his wife and young daughter, choking them in their sleep numerous times. A woman who lived there reported hearing foot steps on the wooden floors at night, but then going up stairs and seeing nobody. Her and her daughter eventually moved out.

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