Hornet Spook Light

Located in Hornet, Mo
Also known as the Joplin Spook Light
The Hornet Spook Light is usually described as a single orange ball of light varying in size between a baseball and a basketball , though it has been described as being different sizes, colors, shapes, and in some cases as being several individual balls of light. It is said that the best time to view the light is between 10PM and Midnight. The light travels from west to east along a dirt road called Devil’s Promenade. It seems to bob and bounce along the road. It has been known to enter cars though in most cases it is said to shy away from people, large groups and loud sounds. The light is also called Joplin Spook Light, Neosho Spook Light, Devils Jack – O – Lantern, Hornet Ghost Light, Tri-state Spooklight, etc. One legend says that the light is the spirits of a Quapaw Indian couple and another legend tells that it is the ghost of a miner who came up missing when he went in search of his family that had been kidnapped by Indians.The Joplin Spook Light is one of if not the most well known unexplained paranormal mystery in Missouri. The light has been witnessed regularly since it’s first sighting in 1866. People have traveled from all around to catch a glimpse at the phenomenon. Many in the paranormal and scientific fields have studied the Spook Light and have tried to explain it, including the Army Corps of Engineers. Many have theories but none have a conclusive answer as to what it is or why it appears. Some of these theories are that the light is caused by escaping natural gas and another says that it could be caused by reflections from the highway. These happen to be the two most popular theories though many people believe these explanations to have large holes . For instance if the light is caused by escaping gas then why do many witnesses describe the light as seeming to have a form of intelligence and if the light is caused by reflected car lights then how do you explain the fact that it’s first sighting was in 1866.
Dating back to the time when Native Americans made their way westward through the Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma border area in the 1830’s, there have been reports of a strange light that has been seen along a stretch of road. This is a very unique occurrence in that it has been investigated by many, but still remains a mystery to this day.
Bobbing and bouncing along a dirt road in northeast Oklahoma is the Hornet Spook Light, a paranormal enigma for more than a century. Described most often as an orange ball of light, the orb travels from east to west along a four mile gravel road, long called the Devils Promenade by area locals. The Spook Light, often referred to as the Joplin Spook Light or the Tri-State Spook Light is actually in Oklahoma.


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