Bonne Terre Cemetery

Located in Bonne Terre,  Mo
Located on the southern outskirts of Bonne Terre, off of old Highway 67. The story goes that a woman was driving by the cemetery after work one night, when she spotted someone walking through the cemetery. Since there had been a history of vandalism there, she called the police and reported what she saw. The police chief himself went out there to check it out. After sitting there for about fifteen minutes, he was about to go when he saw a glowing woman in a white dress walking through the cemetery. He watched her walk through a mausoleum and disappear. Needless to say, he wasted no time to leave. This could be, if true, the ghost of a Parson’s woman. The Parson’s owned St. Joe Lead Company and have a big mausoleum built in the middle of the cemetery. Another possibility is that it could be the ghost of a Lyng woman, who’s husband was a doctor. She died at a young age, when her car was struck by a train. Her grave was robbed in the 1970’s. Her casket was removed and left open. A photographer supposedly took pictures of the casket with the skeleton in it. When the pictures were developed, the skeleton was gone. The event rather unnerved him.
The older part of the cemetery, where the mausoleum is located is also a spooky place to be, day or night. The sounds of footsteps and faint voices have been heard, even during the daytime. The cemetery dates back to the 1860’s.

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