The Goat Man of Hawkins Ford

Located in Fordland, Mo

The Goat Man of Hawkins Ford – Back in the mid to late 1800’s there was a family who lived near Fordland. They were a normal farming family who lived near Hawkins Ford. There was also an old hermit who lived a few hills over in a one room log cabin just big enough to lie down in. He had no money and no personal possessions. He always wore the same clothes and appeared to have never bathed. Many people said he was crazy and all steered clear of him. No one knew his name, and not many people ever saw him. One winter the family started missing live stock such as hogs and chickens. They first thought it was coyotes or wild dogs, so the farmer and his oldest son sat out one night to kill the animals that were attacking their livestock. Around 2:00 or 3:00 am they heard a goat acting up behind the barn; the son ran to shoot the coyote or wild dog. He raised his gun and fired. When he got closer to look at his target he noticed that it was the old hermit man, and he nearly blew his head off. The father and son took the body somewhere in the woods and buried it. The father told his on to never tell anyone of what had happened. A few months later they started finding their goats dead and their heads removed. The family was terrified of noises and other strange events that happened after that, and it is thought they moved to Kansas. However, ever since then people have reported seeing a man with the head of a goat wandering through the woods near Hawkins Ford.


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