Birdcage Theater

Located in Tombstone, Arizona
In Tombstone, the most haunted place is the Birdcage Theater. One of the oldest original buildings in Tombstone and most authentic attractions in this once booming mining camp, the Bird Cage Theater also has the reputation as being the most haunted place in town, allegedly continuing to host as many as 31 ghosts. The saloon was the scene of 26 deaths, which can be attested to by the 140 bullet holes which can still be viewed at the Bird Cage today. Most often sighted, is the figure of a male stage hand that appears wearing black striped pants, a visor, and holding a clipboard, as he walks across the stage. Other occurrences include the sounds of raucous laughter and music pouring from the doors of the old theater at night. Others report hearing the faint sounds of a woman singing and the museum’s sound system has inexplicably turned on of its own accord, blaring old time music. Others have reported strange sounds coming from the balconies of the main floor and the sharp scents of cigar smoke and whiskey. After closing time, staff have reported hearing the sounds of clinking glass and cards shuffling. The haunting reports date back to 1921 when a school was built across the street and students began to report the sounds of laughter and music coming from the abandoned building, as well as the smell of cigar smoke. Another story tells of a statue of Wyatt Earp that was made and placed in one of the cribs overlooking the theater. When it was first placed there, staff would arrive in the morning to find “Wyatt’s” hat continually knocked off and thrown into the floor below. This occurred over and over for about six months. On one occasion, staff arrived to find the statue was turned around, with its back facing the view from below. Some time later, a local historian told the Hunley’s that they had placed the Wyatt Earp statue in the crib that was usually reserved by the Clantons. When the statue was moved to the crib that Wyatt actually frequented when he was alive, the hat tossing finally stopped. On another occasion, a valuable antique poker chip, which had been missing for years, suddenly reappeared on the poker table. Upon finding it there, it was locked away in a safe until it could be authenticated by historians. However, when the historians arrived, they were disappointed to find that the chip had suddenly gone missing again. Only after they left, did it reappear in a locked desk drawer.


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