Strawberry Hill Museum

Located in Kansas City, Mo
The museum was built as a mansion and was later turned into an orphanage and is now a museum. It is haunted by the spirits of the man and woman who lived there when it was first built. The woman has been seen on a couple occasions. Once walking down the isle of the church witnessed by two nuns at the alter, and another time appeared outside a window of the museum and asked the person inside where the priests house is. I only know of one time the man has been seen. There was a person staying at the museum and was on the third floor just casually looking around, she had opened a closet in the room and in the back of the closet on the floor was a man sitting there waving his hands in front of his face(as if saying nooooo). The woman screamed and ran downstairs and the whole way down was being tapped on the shoulder by the man. She later identified the man in one of the old pictures as the man who she had saw in the closet. Was once known as ST. John The Baptist Children’s Home.

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