The Blue Lady Of Hilton Head

Located in Hilton Head, North Carolina
Hilton Head Island legend and lore has woven a tale of a ghost that glides though the night. Some long-time islanders who swear by the myth call her The Blue Lady. Her home was one of the original lighthouse-keeper’s houses which was moved from the Leamington area of Palmetto Dunes. On one occasion, a young couple home from Hilton Head Prep, went to the old house looking for romance, but saw instead what appeared to be a lady, dressed in gossamer blue, illuminated radiantly, almost glowing. The young man relayed the vision to his parents, and a few weeks later four cynical and dubious adults drove to the site to disprove the rumor. They were only at the site a few moments before they too witnessed a ghostly blue glow, shimmering in one of the house’s windows. They watched, astonished, as she floated over to the door and onto the front porch in full view of the awed spectators. One of them whispered “A Blue Lady.”
Nothing could keep Adam Fripp from tending to his lights. In a driving rain, Fripp made his way to the oil house, and then to the tower and up the spiral staircase. Just as he reached the top, a powerful gust of wind shattered one of the glass panes in the lantern room. The strain of the ascent coupled with the shock of the exploding glass was more than Fripp’s heart could handle. Hours later, his daughter Caroline noticed her father’s prolonged absence and went in search of him. Wearing a long blue dress, Caroline climbed the tower where she discovered her dying father. Fripp implored his daughter to “keep the light burning no matter how dangerous the storm.” Caroline was faithful to her father’s final wish, sloshing through hip-deep water to replenish the lamps with oil. Several days before anyone made it to the island to check on Fripp. Caroline had managed to tend the light throughout the storm, but her sorrow and exhaustion proved too much, as she died shortly thereafter. Since that time, sightings of a girl in a blue dress near the tall skeletal tower have been reported on dark rainy nights.

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