The Gehm House

Located in Webster Groves, Mo
This two-story wood house with a brick facade was built in 1890 by Bart Adams (Not Henry Gehm, like many people say) as a summer retreat. In 1906 Henry Gehm, a German immigrant, purchased the house and lived there until 1944. He died in the 1950’s from spinal cancer at a local hospital. In 1956 the house was purchased by the Furry family. The Furry’s had been married for twenty years and had two young daughters. Soon after they moved in, they began hearing unexplainable footsteps and odd noises like big birds hitting the windows. Mrs. Furry was awakened at exactly 2 A M by unseen hands shaking her. Mr. Furry never believed until he saw a whispy, white shape that passed through a doorway into one of his daughter’s rooms. Their youngest daughter was visited by an older woman in black that would hit her with a broom but said it never hurt. The Furry’s lived with the harmless ghosts for nine years, until finally moving in a newer home. In November 1965, the Walsh family moved into the house and soon encountered the same apparition plus two others. Claire Walsh sensed the spirit of a little blonde-haired girl in the attic. She also heard children running up and down the stairs and found writing made by a child with a hand print. Then in March of 1966, the spirit of Henry Gehm, himself appeared and directed Mrs. Walsh to a hidden doorway in the attic. Behind the door was a secret chamber, but it was empty. It was thought he had buried gold coins somewhere on the property. This severely spooked the Walsh’s and they soon moved out. The last day they were there, they heard loud footsteps going up and down the stairs.The house is now owned by Robert and June Wheeler and is now a private residence. The Wheelers have seen the same spirits and gone through everything the Furry’s and the Walsh’s did. They even contacted Mrs. Furry before she died to confirm some of the activity. To this day, many people still believe it’s haunted. Something about the secret chamber is not letting Henry Gehm in peace.

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