Bertha’s Ghost

There’s long standing rumors of Bertha’s ghost haunting certain buildings and other area’s. One of the most speculative is the Morse Mill Hotel, where she once lived and helped her first husband, Henry Graham, run. It is also rumored to where she poisoned Henry and where he later died. In my own humble opinion, I do not believe she haunts here, because this was a place she wanted to get away from. There’s no reasons for her spirit to hang around here. Another rumored haunt in Morse Mill is the cemetery where she is buried. From 1951 to 1998, there was nothing to mark her grave, which does happen in cases similar to this. Do I believe she haunts the Cemetery? No, I don’t think she does. Another rumored place is the old house on Old Bend Road where some of the alleged deaths took place.There’s so much energy there, it’s crazy. Driving by there several times, I always felt a certain “pull” to the place. (At the time I knew nothing about Bertha.) I remember hearing rumors when I first heard about Bertha, about being seen walking through the fields, even one said she saw a little old lady on the porch in an old-fashioned outfit, though no one lived there at the time. I don’t know if whether or not that’s true, here-say isn’t much to go on. Another place that is rumored to be haunted by her is “Old State Hospital #4” where she was incarcerated for the last twenty-three years of her life. I do know that place is really haunted, but so far there hasn’t been any sightings of her there. So for the most part there’s not a single logistic shred of evidence that she haunts anywhere, but her spirit is very much felt around by those that try to come to terms with her. So if you end up walking any stretch of the Bend on a warm clear day or if you happen to stroll along the former paradise that was Morse Mill; that gentle (and sometimes not so gentle) breeze that you feel is Bertha, making herself known that she is still strong-willed and feisty and hoping for that absolvment that she deserves.

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