Waverly Hills

Located in Louisville, Kentucky
Old tuberculosis and Mental hospital. Includes crematory and body slide. Several cold spots and a young girl has been spotted on several floors but mostly in the basement and on the third floor. Sighting of a young boy with dark hair in old fashioned clothing and hat by main entrance. Local rumors are that he was a victim of a doctor who preformed illegal experiments on his patients. There is also a body chute that is said to be haunted. The chute was used to transport the dead bodies of tuberculosis patients who had died so that the other patients wouldn’t see them carting all the dead bodies out of the hospital. Many strange figures and noises can still be heard. Over all feeling of dread in the entire building.
A former tuberculosis hospital, Waverly Hills has been of strong interest with paranormal investigators, some calling it “the most haunted place on Earth.” There are unconfirmed reports of more than 60,000 deaths (This is probably untrue) at the site, and the property owners, workers, and investigators have claimed that at almost anytime you can see strange lights, phantasms and shadows moving around the corridors and rooms of the building.


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