Holiday Inn

Located in Eureka, Mo

Holiday Inn, formerly Ramada Inn, has one of the most unusual ghost stories around. The property used to extended to where the present location of Six-Flags now stands. The original barn was used in the construction of the hotel. During construction of the hotel, attempts were made to demolish the stone chimney. Each time they tried, something terrible would happen. After many unsuccessful attempts, the workers gave up and refused to try. Eventually, the hotel was built with the chimney left standing. The chimney is still there today. A little girl named Aggie haunts the swimming pool area and the second floor. You can see her painting in the hallway that she likes to be around. Many people claim that when their picture is took by the painting, it doesn’t come out. There are always light blotches on their face. Witnesses have seen her running down the hallways and peeking around the corners. You can also see her in the mirror located in the banquet room. They took a picture of the pool area for their guest pamphlet. When the picture was developed, a small girlish figure in seen. Most of the staff believes it’s Aggie. Rumor has it she was in the barn and fell to her death from the second floor, which is where the front desk is located. Other disturbances include people working the third shift, down in the laundry room. They have seen shadows move across the dryers for about thirty seconds. Other people believe they are being watched and have heard strange noises in some of the rooms.




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