Six Flags St. Louis

Located in Eureka, Mo
There’s as many as five ghosts that is said to haunt here. One is  thought to be Trisha Weeks, who was ten when she and two other family members were killed when the Sky Way car  they were in fell July 26th, 1978. Her twelve year-old sister was the only one to survive. The car fell where Panda Express is now located and her ghost has been seen here. She is also called "the little girl of the Arbors." These arbors are located between Thunder River and the Colossus Ferris Wheel. She has been heard giggling throughout the park but most sightings have been in the arbors after closing time. She is a wearing a yellow dress with white puffy sleeves. She is thought to be the one who left muddy footprints near the Ranger Pilot’s kiddy airplane ride in 2009. It is also believed that the day after leaving the footprints she intervened and saved a baby from possibly serious injury.
The next ghost is Stella Holcomb, who haunts the Mine Train ride, where she died in July of 1984. She is known to cause a shutdown of the ride. Then there is the mystery woman who haunts the Palace and Empire theaters. She is NOT Stella and is very friendly unless you call her Stella. She was seen one night by two security officers as she was walking across the courtyard and up the stairs to the door of security office where she disappeared. There is also a male ghost seen and heard in the same areas as the lady. He seems to be angry all the time whereas she is friendly and has been known to talk to people unless you call her Stella.
The fifth known ghost is Bob the Pigman. He is supposed to be the pig farmer that owned the property before Six Flags was built. He and his pigs have mostly been heard on the back roads in the park. He was blamed for some equipment damage when the Boss roller coaster was being built. For some reason he was not happy about the new construction.

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