Rose Bed Inn

Located in Cape Girardeau, Mo
Alex is a ghost who haunts Rose Bed Inn, housed in a former home built in 1908. The Schrader Family owned the home originally, and eventually it was put on the market. A young man named Alex expressed interest in the home. He didn’t have the money to buy the house yet, but he was engaged to a wealthy lady and would soon have the funds. Alex moved in with the Schrader’s to start fixing it up, and that’s when the Schrader’s realized Alex was gay, and had a lover he was hiding from his fiance. When the two found out about each other, Alex disappeared, and later an odor led the Schrader’s to find Alex’s body hanging in the attic. Alex’s ghost now lives harmoniously with the current owners and is known to turn off lights, move objects (or hide them), smoke cigars (strictly NOT allowed), and show himself to guests who share the name Alex with him.

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