The White House

Located in Washington D.C.
The White House is without a doubt the most famous haunted house in America. But is there anything to all the hype? We have all heard the Abe Lincoln stories, but deep in the White House archives there are undoubtedly many more fascinating footnotes. Unfortunately, we have to dig deep these days to get new information on sightings. Reports have dwindled since the extensive remodeling done in the 1950’s, but in and of itself, that remodeling likely didn’t affect the frequency of the phenomena. The reason is more likely that Presidents and their families and staffs refuse to talk openly about things that go bump in the night anymore for fear of ridicule. What a shame! Without rehashing everything that can be found anywhere else on the net, we are going to just list the more interesting and important aspects of the ongoing ghostly phenomena at the White House. The list of people who have admitted to seeing, hearing, or feeling something strange in the house is a long one, extending basically up to the present time, and include Winston Churchill, Grace Coolidge, Theodore Roosevelt, Margaret Truman, Harry Truman, Jacqueline Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, James Haggerty, Mary Todd Lincoln, Lyndon Johnson, Ladybird Johnson, Lynda Johnson Robb, Susan Ford, Maureen Reagan, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands, and various secret service agents, secretaries, and White house workers. Amy Carter knew of the stories and tried to summon Lincoln with friends through use of a Ouija board, and Ronald Regan’s dog would bark at the door to the Lincoln Bedroom, but would not enter. The list of apparitions seen, heard, or felt on the premises is a long one too, and includes Abe Lincoln, Willie Lincoln (Abe’s son who died in the Lincoln Bedroom), John Kennedy, William Henry Harrison, Abigail Adams, Eleanor Roosevelt, Andrew Jackson, Dolly Madison, Thomas Jefferson, John Tyler, Frances Cleveland (Grover Cleveland’s wife), David Burns (previous owner of the White House land), an unknown British soldier, and a black cat that apparently forewarns of national emergencies. The White House is the seat of the most powerful government in the world, and has been home to some of the most powerful people in the world. With the sense of history that permeates the place, it’s no wonder that so many sightings by so many respected individuals have surfaced, and no doubt there are many more that exist only as whispers within those walls……

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