Unusual Things in Excelsior Springs

This is a fascinating story. I found it researching some of the hauntings of Excelsior Springs. Please read.

Beyond The Edge

Earlier this year, The Elms Resport & Spa in Excelsior Springs, MO, was visited by The Atlantic Paranormal Society (TAPS) for an investigation that would air on their SyFy network show “Ghost Hunters”. The Kansas City Star also wrote a solid article on the day of the episode’s airing. Earlier today, the Excelsior Springs Standard published an article detailing how the town has its allure of being haunted.

Watching this episode brought back some memories that I’ve only shared with a few people over the years. I spent nine months at the Excelsior Springs Job Corps Center (ESJCC), which has its own story regarding the buildings on its property. Prior to its purchase by the United States government and its service as ESJCC, the property was utilized as a veterans hospital. The original building on the property dates back to ownership by Colonel E.L. Morse in the 1890s…

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The Phantom Steamboat

Bonnots Mill, Mo


A phantom steamboat has been seen here where the Osage River meets the Missouri River; the phantom steamboat is said to be seen steaming up the Missouri River. This spot can also be seen from the other side of the river just southeast of the town of Tebbetts. This unique steamboat has a duck-paddle system of propulsion. About a dozen passengers can be seen on the deck of the phantom vessel, which; they say, hovers a few feet above the current water line.

The Old Tavern

Arrow Rock, Mo 

Formerly known as the J. Huston Tavern, which has been serving travelers and guests since 1834. The ghost of a woman in white has been seen the most. Some believe she is a jilted bride who committed suicide, while others believe she waits for a husband that was murdered by Indians. Shadow figures dance through the air, the sound of shuffling feet, and phantom whistling. A ghostly couple have been observed sitting in the parlor room. Most employees will not go in the basement alone. A dark, ominous presence is felt there. One employee saw a man wearing a late-1700s to early 1800s black jacket, ruffled shirt, knickers and hat. It is believed to be the spirit of Clay Marsh, who worked as a proprietor during the 1980’s and 90’s. Voices that call out your name and other noises have been heard here.


Sutton House

Columbia, Mo

The house was known for many years as the Sutton House. It was a two-story frame house and named for the family who resided there. The house had been built before the Civil War and was lived in by several generations of descendants. It seems that two women of the Sutton family killed themselves in the house and some believe they may be responsible for the female ghost who has been seen and heard here. One of the women hanged herself in the barn in 1858, while the other followed suit, hanging herself from a tree in the year in 1940. Later residents believe, however, that the ghost here may be that of a woman named Lucy Calvin. She had once lived in the house and loved the place. She also had a fondness for singing…. something which the ghost here did quite often. In fact, witnesses claim that the sound of a woman singing would sometimes fill the entire house. Dr. Fred Nolen was a later tenant of the house and he lived in it for six years before he encountered the ghost. She appeared in his bed room and seemed to glide across the floor one morning. He became aware of a presence in the house, something which visitors to the house often noticed. The sound of the singing never stopped others often saw the apparition too. He also wondered if the ghosts of children might also be present for it was not uncommon for him to hear what sounded like a child’s marbles rolling across the floor. One day, Nolen’s landlord passed away and his widow did not want to sell the house. It was destined to be destroyed by a subdivision that was planned for the area. Nolen was about to leave the house when a strong wind blew through the structure. He heard a sound like someone was dragging something across the floor and then it stopped. There was no wind that day…. it seems as if the ghost was simply saying goodbye to the home’s final living occupant. The house was destroyed in 1983.