The Old Tavern

Arrow Rock, Mo 

Formerly known as the J. Huston Tavern, which has been serving travelers and guests since 1834. The ghost of a woman in white has been seen the most. Some believe she is a jilted bride who committed suicide, while others believe she waits for a husband that was murdered by Indians. Shadow figures dance through the air, the sound of shuffling feet, and phantom whistling. A ghostly couple have been observed sitting in the parlor room. Most employees will not go in the basement alone. A dark, ominous presence is felt there. One employee saw a man wearing a late-1700s to early 1800s black jacket, ruffled shirt, knickers and hat. It is believed to be the spirit of Clay Marsh, who worked as a proprietor during the 1980’s and 90’s. Voices that call out your name and other noises have been heard here.



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