Anderson House

Lexington, Mo

From September 12th to September 20th, 1861, this historic home was fought over and captured by both the Union and Confederate armies. During the war, it was used as a hospital. Though a yellow flag was flown from the house indicating it was a hospital, there are bullet holes located on the outside and inside of the house. Stories began later after the war of several ghosts. The voice of a woman singing is heard, while other voices are often heard. Soldiers are seen in and around the house near the battlefield where they were slain, and perhaps the scariest of all, the ghost of a woman would arrive at a window at midnight and let loose a bloodcurdling scream before disappearing. To Stop this, the family living there had the window bricked up, which seemed to stop the ghost. Many of the people working here do not like being here at night, claiming it’s creepy.

I wasn’t too familiar with this house when I visited and took the tour. There was a lot of history involved with it due to it’s strategic importance during the Civil War. Many of the bullet holes and such remain today. Even during the day it has a spooky feel about it. One of the ghost stories about this house centers on a woman who at midnight would come to one of the bedroom windows on the outside and let loose a bloodcurdling scream. To stop this, the people living in the house bricked the window up. The ghost was not seen again. Though the people working at the house acknowledged the story, they didn’t seem to believe in it or any of the other stories. The window is no longer bricked up so I have no idea which one it was and the people working didn’t know either. I only wished I had my rods with me that day. All in all it was enjoyable and I hope to get back there again.

Me at Anderson House 2016




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