Cry Baby Hollow

Crocker, Mo

Located off of Highway DD, just outside of Crocker. If you go there between 11:50 p.m. and 12:20 a.m. you will see a flash of light like a door opening and a baby crying and screams. Then you will hear the mother crying for her child, all the while there are sets of evil looking red eyes in various spots around you. It was rumored that the woman was pregnant and while on a hiking trip fell into a ravine. By the time her rescuers got to her she was dead. There is also rumored to be a gateway to hell located there. Many who go there and are brave enough to stay through the whole experience have some kind of vehicle trouble upon trying to exit the hollow. Examples are; flat tires, mysterious claw marks on the vehicles, and even wrecks. Also seen are weird lights and possible orbs with bluish glowing light. One person who lived near the hollow claimed she heard horse and wagon sounds and people screaming. She also believed a spirit was trying to make contact.

The most often told story is of a young mother long ago who lost her small child during a thunderstorm. The baby was never found and the mother disappeared. It is said that you can hear the baby crying in the cemetery here. The cries get louder and louder. A mother’s image has reportedly been seen as well as orb-type lights in the cemetery and in the road. Another story about this location is that a young woman was traveling in a wagon many years ago with her small child. The wagon overturned and both mother and child were thrown out and trampled.

This location is most likely an urban legend.


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