Excelsior Springs Job Corps Campus

Excelsior Springs, Mo

The Excelsior Springs Job Corps campus has had a rather long and dubious life. Prior to its purchase by the United States government and its service as ESJCC, the property was utilized as a veterans hospital. The original building on the property dates back to ownership by Colonel E.L. Morse in the 1890s. It was at one time an all girls school, a VA Hospital, and an insane asylum. Over the years, there have been a number of documented paranormal experiences.One of the most mentioned is the old E.L. Morse mansion building (identified as Humphrey Hall, at the time (Which has since been removed), and served multiple purposes including the cafeteria on the south end of the structure. It was at one time, the oldest and biggest building. It was also called Zone 1. Some of the most known stories is of a little girl who wanders around, speaking into people’s ears and the voice of a young woman singing beautiful music when no one is around. There have been odd growling noises, lights flickering on and off, sheets being ripped off the bed, and children playing noisily.Room 407 is thought to be extremely haunted. Some believe sinister forces are at work in that room. Another noted hot spot is the boiler room near the basement. A man was seen walking between two doors that were locked. There was an mortuary which was right below the cafeteria before they built the new one. There was an old small elevator shaft that was not in use for many years that someone had committed suicide down the open shaft. The man that had fallen to his death, was attempting to jump to the fire escape to sneak down by the wellness center to buy himself a soda.



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