Ray County Museum

Richmond, Mo

The Ray County Museum has artifacts from the early 1800’s up to modern day, in 50 rooms on three floors. It was built in the shape of a “Y” and covers one-third of an acre. The museum contains approximately 14,400 square feet of space. The building, built for $19,491 in 1910, was a totally modern building for its day with electricity and indoor plumbing. It served as the Ray County Poor Farm from 1910 to 1960 and was a private rest home from 1960 to 1971. The building is still owned by Ray County and is leased to the Ray County Historical Society and Museum, Inc.

The spirit of a tall black man named John haunts the building where he once lived. He lived in the basement at one point in time when it was the poor farm. Several visitors and volunteers have seen him walk through the building. Another spirit named George has also been seen and heard. Seen as a short man, George is usually heard by opening drawers and doors. His footsteps have also been heard upstairs. George is a name volunteers gave him. No one knows what his real name is.





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