Me & Bertha

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Haunts of Missouri

I first became interested in the Bertha Gifford story back in 2002. On Halloween I had traveled to my Mom’s house in De Soto so my kids could do some trick or treating. When I arrived my mom handed me a sheet of paper with some local ghost stories. Among them was a little story about a woman called the “angel of mercy” from Pacific. At the time I lived in Robertsville with my wife and children. So I began to do some research. I found the house first. What struck me was I recognized it and passed it many times in the past. I had always gotten a strange feeling about the place. Me and my wife had almost rented a trailer near there several months earlier, so already I was off to an eerie start. I then went to the Pacific Library to see if they had any…

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Baker’s Slough

Newburg, Mo

Name given due to a long stretch of water cut off from the Little Piney by a stretch of fields. It all seems centered around the old Bakers Place which is up a small hill. There is also an unexplainable draft of extremely cold air which blows down the lane which goes up to the house. The lane is actually located in a small ravine, which opens up into a small valley . Though this could explain some of the cooler air, the air that emanates from it is extremely cooler than most would think is normal. The road and woods itself seem to also be haunted. People feel uneasy and fearful when getting out of their cars at night. A very eerie and almost malevolent presence is felt. Red eyes have also been seen in the woods.

Early Hill Bed and Breakfast

Greensboro, Georgia

Formerly known as the Early Hill Plantation, this beautiful 3-story mansion was built in the late 1700’s for Mayor John Brown. Mayor Brown and his wife had a young girl who died after a branch broke from the tree in the front yard. The young girl is seen swinging from the tree at night. If you sit in front of her bedroom mirror you may glimpse her mother brushing her hair, only to suddenly disappear. You can also hear chains rattling in the basement where slaves were kept and buried years ago. There is also a strange vision of an old woman who sits in her rocking chair on the front porch. Of course, she vanishes as soon as you step foot on the first stair. I’m sure there have been many other happenings, which have not been mentioned here. But if you happen to pass by Early Hill, don’t be taken by it’s beauty for it’s what lies within which may haunt you.

Springer Opera House

Columbus, Georgia

The Springer Opera House is a historic live performance theater built by businessman Francis Joseph Springer and is located in downtown Columbus, Georgia. The building was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and named a National Historic Landmark in 1978. It certainly has no shortage of spirits, either as it was recently named as one of the “Ten Most Haunted Places in America.” There are orbs, cold spots, slamming doors, and apparitions experienced on a very regular basis. There’s the ghost who finds missing wardrobe pieces and leaves them in plain sight; and the ghost who appears briefly center stage. Many report to hearing children laughing and seeing glowing green light coming from areas in the basement, dressing rooms, and the 3rd floor, where the hotel was located. There has also been reports of “scraping” sounds being heard in the hallways of the 3rd floor, following by foul smells the next day. A small child’s face has even been photographed in the dressing room during a performance which included many children, some believing the child to have been brought out by the other children’s laughter.

The most famous and frequent visitor is the spirit of Edwin Booth, renowned Shakespearean actor and brother of John Wilkes Booth. Booth freely travels the old theater, where he has appeared on stage, in the box seats and the lobby where his portrait still hangs. It is even rumored the shadow of Edwin Booth helps out during productions by moving stage props and has been known to reach out and tap an unsuspecting patron on the back.



Milan C-2 School

Milan, Mo

In about the fall of 1969 or the spring of 1970, a group of students and the school’s basketball coach who were arriving at the schoolhouse gym for a practice of the school play, entered the gym, turned on the lights, and witnessed a figure of a woman dressed in black lying on the couch that was part of the scenery on the stage for the play. After a few seconds, the woman got up from the couch and disappeared into thin air. It is said that the coach was so upset by the event that he fainted. All of the students and the coach verified seeing this event, which may be related to stories of a “Woman in Black” that tell of her being a school teacher from Milan many years ago that was killed and is now seen around the town, especially the area of the school, from time to time.