Ravenswood Mansion

Lamine, Mo

Floating lights have been seen and music heard outside on the grounds, and a large music box in the upstairs hall is said to turn itself on late at night. Also loud crashing sounds have been heard that can last over 15 minutes. The ghost may be that of Nadine who lived to the age of 90 here, or the son Nelson who was crushed to death by a car that slipped out of gear and pushed him into the iron gate. 

This grand mansion was built in 1880 for a wealthy couple, Nadine and Charles Leonard. With 30 rooms, more than a thousand acres, carriage barns and other luxuries, Ravenswood was a showplace of central Missouri. The Leonard’s loved to entertain and would string lanterns through the trees surrounding their property, hire an orchestra and invite their friends to dance away the night. Nadine loved the house and her family, and Ravenswood was furnished and decorated with treasures from all around the world. After a long life, Nadine passed away at 90 in an upstairs bedroom and her body was removed to a nearby town for the funeral services.Sometime later, a family servant tried to enter Nadine’s room and gather some clothing, he found the door locked from the inside. Someone went outside and climbed a ladder to look into the room, which was empty. There was no way for the lock to set itself. The family tried several ways to open the door, but they finally agreed it would have be broken and forced open. A servant went to get the tools, but when he returned the door was open. Other manifestations have occurred enough that they are sometimes expected: Christmas tree ornaments are tossed down the central staircase, a broken music box plays happily, and people have claimed to hear music and laughter coming from the lawn, and seen lanterns in the trees.




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