Bust Mansion

Potosi, Mo

Built in the 1800’s and now in ruins. Lots of rumors that it is haunted. The house’s name comes from Robert Bust, who lived there from 1865 to his death in 1897. It is said that there was a baby who was either killed or died in or near the fireplace and its spirit haunts the fireplace area. It is rumored ghosts of slaves haunt here as well. There is also a story of an woman in gray who has been seen. Also, eight people witnessed a large black human-shaped shadow disappear from the roof. 



Overby’s Furniture Store

Poplar Bluff, Mo

Located on the corner of Vine & Broadway, it is said a ghost haunts the fourth floor of the old Overby’s Furniture store (now a music store) at the corner of Vine and Broadway. According to accounts after the tornado of 1927 the Butler County Courthouse was destroyed and a temporary courtroom was established on the fourth floor of the building. It is rumored a woman in the jail cells in back of the same floor hanged herself and still walks that floor.

The Downtown Streets of Paris

Paris, Mo

The streets of downtown were once said to be haunted by the intimidating apparition of an old woman, dressed in black and brandishing a cane. The woman’s ghost was supposedly first sighted in Oct. of 1866. The apparition would be seen gliding about the town sometimes running people of the sidewalks. She would be seen every year, for 70 years, from October to spring, but for some reason sightings of the ghost stopped in 1934 and there have been none since.

There is another story of a ghostly woman who walked the streets of Paris after she killed herself. She had committed suicide because her husband had an affair during WWII. After her funeral, people who claim to see this lady in a black dress and veil walking the roads of Paris. There was no certain times that she would appear, but it was mostly everyday. The lady had been seen a few years before somebody had said that they could never see her feet. There were hundreds of sightings of her up until 1980’s when the husband of the woman had died. Since then no one has seen her, though some claimed to have seen her in the graveyard the day of his funeral.

Gibson Graveyard

I wanted to kind of bump this one up. One of my favorite haunted places and stories, it is also the oldest one I know.

Haunts of Missouri

Located in Park Hills, Mo
History – Also known as Gibson Cemetery. This cemetery is on property originally owned by the Gibson family and it is thought that some of the earliest settlers of this area are buried here, although the graves are now unmarked. The cemetery has been in a sadly neglected state for over eighty years and has suffered significant vandalism, mostly because of a rumor of a vampire being buried here, which has made it a target of young people of the area, especially at night and during Halloween. The cemetery covers three acres of land and has over three hundred bodies buried here, but there are only a few markers scattered around.
The Vampire – Back in the late 1800’s, an epidemic came to the area and many children died. A Hungarian immigrant, who was an albino and didn’t like to come out at day cause…

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