Paranormal Glossary

Apparition – Any disembodied spirit that appears visibly

.Apport – A solid object that appears from nowhere in the presence of a medium.

Astral Projection – Also called an out-of-body experience. This describes an event in which a person spirits double or conscious also called the astral body leaves there physical body and travels to another location.

Automatic Writing – When a spirit communicates in written form. A spirit takes control over what a person writes on a piece of paper. A form of automatism.

Automatism – An unconscious muscular movement in an individual caused by a spirit.

Channeling – A way to communicate with a spirit. While channeling an entity will take control of the medium to communicate a message.

Clairvoyance – Being able since spirits, tell the future, or know other things that can not be sensed by your other 5 senses.

Cold Spot – A extreme and often rapid drop in temperature in an area where paranormal activity is located.

Collective Apparition – Unusual type of sighting when several individuals experience the same phenomenon at the same time.

Collective Unconscious – Collective memory of all humanities past.

Crisis Apparition – A individual will project their astral body at a time of crisis of death to a particular person, usually a loved one.

Dark Entities & Demons" – These are malicious entities that have never been human. Known to take on many forms.

Direct Voice Phenomenon – A voice disembodied voice spoken directly to participants at a seance.

Direct Writing – A phenomenon in which a spirits message will appear directly on a surface.

Dowsing – A technique used by some ghost hunters to locate paranormal activity. The process is performed by a person holding to metal rods, one in each hand, apart from each other. The individual will walk an area holding the rods out ahead of them. When the two rods move to cross each other it is a sign of possible activity.

Dybuk – Found in Jewish legend, is a restless soul that takes possession of a living person.

Ectoplasm – Solid or vaporous substance produced by an entity.

Electronic Voice Phenomenon – Audio recording of a spirits voice. Often is only heard after recording is played and not during time of recording. Some (EVP) can only be heard after recording has been enhanced using audio software.

EMF Detector – These are meters that read the electromagnetic fields in an area.

Exorcism – A ritual expulsion of an entity who is possessing a person or haunting a location. The individual performing the ritual usually calls upon a higher power to help extricate the entity.

Ghost – An earth bond spirit that was once living usually that of a human being but there are reports of ghost animals.

Ghost Lights – Type of apparition referring to different forms of light phenomena which are believed to be caused by spirits.

Ghost Hunt – An informal attempt to site a ghost or experience phenomenon.

Ghost Investigation – Carefully controlled research project to record paranormal activity. Usually using many different tools to detect phenomenon.

Ghost Hunter – A person who attempts to find and experience paranormal phenomenon.

Gray Lady – This is a ghost of a woman who died tragically, most often one who died at the hand of a loved on, while waiting for a lover, or is in a state of morning or searching.

Hallucination – False or distorted persception.

Haunt – When a ghost returns or is bound to the same location, the ghost is said to haunt the location.

Magnetometer – Device to measure the presence of a magnetic field as well as its strength, direction, and fluctuation.

Materialization – The manifestation a physical object or person from the spirit world.Medium – An individual who communicates with the spirit world.

Mesmerism – Form of hypnotism.

Near-Death Experience (NDE) – This occurs when a person clinically dies then or comes close to death then is revived. Often the person will recall visions of an after life after being revived.

Orbs – This is the most photographed spirit anomaly. Usually appear as transparent or translucent balls of light.

Paranormal – Something that is beyond the normal human experience or scientific explanation.

Poltergeist – A non-human spirit entity. Usually it is more malicious and destructive then ghosts. Traditional poltergeist activity involves loud noises, moving or throwing objects, starting fires, etc.

Radio Voice Phenomenon – The voice of a deceased individual communicating through radio signals.

Reciprocal Apparition – Rare phenomenon in which a living human and a ghost interact with each other.

Repressed Psychokinetic Energy – A theoretical force produced, usually unconsciously, by an individual undergoing physical or mental trauma. This causes paranormal phenomenon such as poltergeist.

Retrocognition – A sudden fluctuation in time where you find yourself seeing or experiencing past events that you had no knowledge of.

Scrying – This is when an individual stares into a shiny, smooth surface, such as a mirror or crystal ball in order to foretell the future.

Seance – A gathering of individuals with the goal of contacting the spirit world, this is usually done in a ritual like manner.Sensitive – Refers to a person who is aware or feels paranormal presences that is not noticed by the other 5 senses.

Shadow Ghost – Entity that appears as a kind of shadow, looking some what like ecto-mist, but with form.

Spirit Board – Also referred to as Witch board or Ouija board. This is a board with numbers, letters, words, and/or various symbols printed on it, that is used to communicate with spirits. Usually a pendulum, eye,small triangular platform, or other devise is used to point to the letters or symbols to communicate the message.

 Spirit Photography – When a photographer catches the image of a ghost on film.

Psychokinesis – Being able to move things with the power of your mind

.Streaming ghost – A form of ghostly phenomenon that appears as streaming ribbons of energy, looking some what like silly string when photographed.

SuperESP – A powerful form of telepathy.

Vortex – A ghostly phenomenon often captured on film. The vortex usually appears as a swirling funnel shape when moving around. They can also appear in photos as long and narrow and are often confused with a speeding orb.


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